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Slider Tab Menu

About this Code

       Hello reader, I am codingfrontend. Nice to meet you again in this free code sharing website. In this post I am going to explain about Slider Tab Menu. If you are new to this website, we recommend you to subscribe to our youtube channel and watch the videos. Ok lets dive into the code.

Click a tab to see the slider move with a nice ripple effect too. Got the idea from a link someone posted on StackOverflow, it was designed for mobile phones application so I have brought it to the web! Answer for the following question:


These are the output images of the code. You can click on the image to enlarge it. also you can click the try it button to see the output.

Source Code

This is the source code of the code. You can copy and paste the code to your editor.

And also you can click the try it button to see the output of the code in our web Code Playground.
You can also download the code to the zip format by clicking the download button. The download process is little bit complex, you need ti await for 10 seconds. after that you can download the code by clicking the generated download link.

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